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Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers

Preventative Maintenance Programs

The primary reason for your company to have a preventative maintenance contract in place is to prevent unexpected breakdowns due to equipment failure and surprise costs. Every company's situation is different, but any outage is always inconvenient and sometimes very costly, especially in production facilities. A proper preventive maintenance program will greatly reduce the risk of equipment failure, extend equipment life and reduce your company's overall operating cost.

Each of our maintenance programs are customized for the equipment and the conditions in which it operates. Maintenance performed too often can cause undue wear and tear, plus be a waste of time and money. Maintenance performed not often enough can cause premature equipment failure and reduced the overall life of the equipment. This is why Champion schedules a consultation with each client to come up with the right maintenance program.
 Repair/Service Calls

Champion guarantees that if we don’t get to your emergency needs within 4 hours we will send you $1000. We are not aware of anyone else in the commercial HVAC who makes that promise. We believe correctly administered troubleshooting and repair is vital to the life span of any heating and air conditioning system. An incorrect diagnosis can lead to constant breakdowns. Our technicians average 13 years of experience with our company and more than 17 years experience overall.

Chilled Water

We've recently added one of the best technicians around. Brian Chancellor was with Alabama Trane for 14 years, specializing in "R" series chilled water equipment. These & other chillers are all over commercial facilities in our service area, & we provide excellent service for these machines.

KMC Energy Management

Champion is a KMC Controls contractor. And if your organization is like most, energy expenses account for more than 25% of your total operating costs - costs usually regarded as a fixed expense. KMC can help you reduce those costs - often by 30% or more. Your organization can use those energy savings to improve your facility,                                                                                      make capital investments and improve your bottom line.


Design Build

Champion is experienced in the design build process for commercial manufacturing. Whether is duct systems, sheet metal fabrication, retrofits, control systems, zoning, piping – any HVAC related project you have a need for, we can address. And, we will visit your facility free of charge and offer a solution.

Plan & Spec

Let us take a look at your mechanical drawings to bid any plan & spec work. We can partner with your general contractor to provide a quality turnkey project.